The Campbell Brothers Trilogy: A Medieval Time Travel Romance: Books 1, 2, & 3

The Campbell Brothers Trilogy: A Medieval Time Travel Romance: Books 1, 2, & 3

Three in one must have romance

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Alasdair Campbell (Dair) lives in a world of Druid magic and ancient customs. Handfasted to the sister of his rival clan, MacDougall, Alasdair thinks he is doing the right thing to bring peace to the region. But he is murdered on the eve of his wedding. His mother, a Druid priestess, performs a geas to keep him alive. But something goes awry when, as the last word of the geas is spoken, Alasdair is trapped in time where he wanders the earth for centuries. The only one who can bring him back home is his betrothed. He has given up on ever finding her until she walks into his office in twenty-first-century Manhattan.
Coira Ainsley is a happy-go-lucky young woman, and her job as a travel agent takes her all over. She loves the work she does and is excellent at it. That is until she follows her client into his office and finds herself in the fourteenth century at Inveraray Keep in the Highlands of Scotland. At first, Coira thinks a prank is being played on her until the giant, wearing nothing but a kilt, his massive chest exposed, approaches her. Not one given to swooning, Coira finds herself welcoming the darkness that comes over her as she loses consciousness.

Fighting alongside his two brothers, Garvin Campbell of Clan Campbell is content to remain in the shadows. After all, he’s lived most of his adult life as a Knight Templar, and that requires him being in the shadows, not seen or heard. When the Templars are disbanded Garvin returns to his clan to use his skills in the fight against the English for Scottish independence.
Having been told all her life to avoid the Campbells, the last thing Lady Helen is thinking about is falling in love with a Campbell, and a Knight Templar at that. So after a chance encounter with Garvin Campbell, Helen is unprepared for the connection she immediately feels for the knight. She tries to ignore it, but finds herself searching for one more glimpse of the knight. Only to realize that he, too, wanted one more glimpse of her.

Tristan (Tris) Campbell accepts the fact that his brother came back to them from the land of the fae. He accepts that life in the Highlands with his clan is fraught with strife and danger, and that they will be forever warring with opposing clans. What he doesn’t expect is that like his brother Alasdair, he, too, will have to travel through time to find his one true love.
Lady Brianne O’Connor has vowed never to take a husband, and as her father’s only child and heir, he allows her to live as she pleases. She caught the attention of a member of Clan Campbell, and although she resists in the beginning, they are soon married. When her new husband is murdered, Lady Brianne finds herself caught in a grief that won’t let up. She spends her days and nights in her bedchamber at Kilchurn Castle, weeping and mourning him.
It was this grief that touches Tristan across the centuries and draws him to her. He must find a way to connect with her. He is convinced he knows her, but he can’t recall from where. He will not rest until he can feel her in his arms.

Series: Campbell Brother's Romance, Book 4
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Tags: #caribbeanbookmagic, Caribbean Books
Publisher: ENVISION Business & Computer School Publishing
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 1732004730
ISBN: 9781732004733
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