Letters From Nigeria – Reflections of an Ifa Initiate

Letters From Nigeria – Reflections of an Ifa Initiate

Yoruba people of Nigeria in West Africa

Deidre Prescod was initiated into the Ifa Tradition and journeyed to Nigeria in order to secure authentic information and know how as to the performance of rituals that are mandatory for any Ifa Initiate.

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About the Book

The book Letters from Nigeria – Reflections of an Ifa Initiate is the author’s reflection of her experiences while researching the spiritual and cultural tradition during her four years living among the Yoruba people of Nigeria in West Africa. It is an honest to a fault account of the wisdom gained on her journey a reflection which includes her various relationships as sister, friend, mother, grandmother and priestess. It is also a guideline to Ifa devotees and practitioners. Deidre embraced the opportunity to learn and practice Ifa as taught by the Babalawos (father of mysteries) traditional Yoruba Priests. The information in this book is from primary sources, gathered from her travels throughout Yoruba land. Her personal hands-on experiences and direct interviews with the custodians of this ancient wisdom make this book an anthropological find. As a result this book will appeal to the sociologist, the historian the cultural anthropologist and seekers of ancient spirituality and wisdom in general.
Deidre a single mother and grandmother left her home and business to the concern and amazement of her two sons and all who knew her to pursue this urgent spiritual call. The technical information in these letters is sound and can be easily authenticated. It is her interpretation of the information that may seem radical. This book Letters From Nigeria re-forges a broken link between African’s in the Diaspora and their brothers and sisters on the African Continent highlighting aspects of their powerful innate identity and spirituality that resonates naturally.

Genres: Christian Living, Religious/Ethnic
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: B071P3547Q
ISBN: 152131652X
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