Caribbean Adventure Series 1-3

Caribbean Adventure Series 1-3
Genre: Children 7-12
Tag: Caribbean Books
Publisher: CaribbeanReads Publishing
Publication Year: October 20, 2011
ASIN: B005Y490OY

Three books for one low price!

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About the Book
Three books for one low price!

The first three books of the Caribbean Adventure Series:
Book 1: Adventure at Brimstone Hill
Mark, Kyle and Ingrid embark on their very first adventure as they follow a mischievous monkey through a secret passage at the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park in St. Kitts. They find themselves transported to the 18th century, captured as spies and thrown into a fierce battle between the British and the French for this famous fort.

About Brimstone Hill: Brimstone Hill is a UNESCO world heritage site located in St. Kitts. It was built by the English in the early 18th century to defend the island. It stands today as one of the best preserved historical fortifications in the Americas.

Book 2: Pirates at Port Royal
Port Royal was destroyed by an earthquake in 1692, but that does not stop Mark, Kyle and their pet monkey Chee Chee from having an adventure there
during their summer in Jamaica. The children once again find themselves in the past. This time they team up with Henry Morgan, a famous pirate, on an
adventure that takes them to Venezuela where they have to destroy a fleet of Spanish ships to save their lives.

About Port Royal
During the 17th century, Port Royal, Jamaica was one of the largest towns in the English colonies. It was very important in commercial trade at the time and was home to many privateers and pirates, such as the famous Sir Henry Morgan. The city has been affected by several natural disasters, but remains an important historical site in Jamaica.

Book 3: Trapped in Dunston’s Cave
Mark, Kyle, Ingrid and Mark’s pet monkey Chee Chee set off for a school trip to Trinidad’s Asa Wright Nature Center excited and ready for adventure. However, when Kyle disappears in the rain forest, the trip turns into a dangerous encounter with poachers who are trying to steal rare oilbirds from Dunston’s Cave. Can Chee Chee once again rescue the children from danger?

About the author: This is the third book in the Caribbean Adventures Series, a series initiated and written by Carol Mitchell. Born in Nevis, Carol has lived in and travelled to many Caribbean countries. Carol contributes to online magazines and blogs. At the time of this publication, Carol lives in Ghana with her husband and her two children.

All three books are illustrated by Ann-Catherine-Loo.

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