A Time Unpromised

About the Book

Jac Harvey has always played second fiddle to his older brother Pierre. Growing up Pierre is brilliant and handsome, very much the golden child in their family. Jac, eight years younger, is his polar opposite, shy and antisocial, struggling through school. Against all odds the brothers are close. Jac looks up to Pierre, hangs on his every word. When Pierre gets accepted at Princeton University, Jac is just as thrilled as their parents. Pierre leaves to begin his studies and for the first time, Jac is alone with his parents. But Jac’s isolation is tapered by the letters he receives from his brother every few months. Two years pass, and at last Pierre returns for a visit. It is a happy occasion, until Jac realizes that something is terribly wrong. His brother has changed. Gone is the happy, charming adolescent. Pierre has grown into a rebellious, angry man, spending long hours alone, preoccupied and distant. What caused the change? What happened in the two years that Pierre was away? The answers to these questions will change Jac’s world forever.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publication Year: 2016
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